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What is the future of commercial automatic coffee machines? How to lay down the "blueprint"?


In recent years, the coffee "cake" has been bigger and stronger, more and more capital down the field, has been this piece of "cake" divided into seven or eight. So more people will aim at another market closely related to coffee - coffee machine. There are many kinds of coffee machines, but the most well-known are only three, respectively, fully automatic coffee machines, semi-automatic coffee machines. Automatic coffee machines not only occupy half of the home scene, but also compete with semi-automatic coffee machines for the commercial market. So, what is the future of commercial fully automatic coffee machines?

In the past, people's impression of commercial coffee machines are mostly stuck in the coffee shop semi-automatic coffee machines, but with the advancement of technology and people's coffee needs, commercial coffee machines have actually appeared in various scenes of our lives, such as shopping malls, service areas, tea stores, convenience stores and so on. Due to the explosive growth of the coffee market, more and more businesses have now started to purchase commercial automatic coffee machines to provide freshly ground coffee to consumers. This shows that the commercial automatic coffee machine market has a lot of potential for development.

For businesses other than coffee shops, the most important thing about commercial coffee machines is the quality of the product, followed by the efficiency and stability of the product. For example, tea stores and convenience stores, and will not set aside too much budget to hire a professional barista, so the production of stable and fast automatic coffee machine has become the first choice.

Among the many coffee machine brands, Dr. Qia with excellent technical strength and perfect service stand out, covering a wide range in the country, in many well-known hotels, tea stores, office buildings, can see Dr. Qia automatic coffee machine. At present, Dr. Chai automatic coffee machine has already occupied part of the market in China, and in time, Dr. Chai will definitely lay down a bigger blueprint and gain further development.