What is the role of coffee machines in the arrival of coffee in thousands of households?


In recent years, the coffee boom has swept the country. In the past, people had a cup of coffee, mostly need to walk into a cafe and spend anywhere from 18 to 40 yuan to have a cup of coffee. But now, in addition to cafes, people can also drink coffee in tea stores, convenience stores, fast food restaurants, shopping malls and other scenes, the price is also much cheaper than the coffee shop. Just because the cost of drinking coffee has fallen, coffee is gradually becoming as common a drink as milk tea, and is widely popular among consumers. The development of the coffee market, in fact, and coffee machines are inextricably linked.

As we all know, coffee shops employ professional baristas. Under this premise, coffee shops tend to choose semi-automatic coffee machines, allowing baristas to indulge their creativity, continuous innovation, making unique coffee and improving the core competitiveness of the coffee shop.

When tea stores and convenience stores begin to enter the coffee circuit, they are not pursuing the diversity of coffee flavors, but rather the overall variety of products to fill the gap in the brand in the category of "coffee". The high salary of professional baristas is a burden for tea and beverage stores and convenience stores.

Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine price is reasonable, the quality and cost of production is stable, and there is a perfect after-sales service, can well meet the needs of tea stores, convenience stores and other scenarios of coffee machines. Therefore, more and more tea stores, convenience stores began to purchase Dr. Chai automatic coffee machine in the store, and cost-effective coffee machine to reduce the cost of coffee drinks, consumers can drink delicious coffee at a cheaper price, the coffee market has naturally developed more vigorous and stable.

It is said that the development of the coffee market has led to the development of the coffee machine market, but in fact, the two are complementary to each other. With the continuous upgrading of technology, the coffee machine market will definitely usher in further growth.