What kind of coffee machine should I choose for my office? How should I buy one?


In recent years, the popularity of coffee has made coffee machines standard in offices, and major more humane companies will be equipped with a coffee machine in the office for employees to access. But the company has to operate normally, every cost has to be calculated precisely, how should the office coffee machine be selected to achieve a balance between keeping costs down and increasing employee motivation? This requires the purchasing department to have a certain understanding of coffee machines.

Coffee machines for offices should have the following advantages: affordability, convenience and efficiency, which has ruled out two types of coffee machines. One is a semi-automatic espresso machine, and the other is a capsule coffee machine. Although semi-automatic espresso machines can produce a variety of coffee, but the professional requirements are high, the operation is not convenient, the price is often tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, often only coffee shops will choose a semi-automatic espresso machine. Although the price of the capsule coffee machine is lower, but the production of a single and can only use coffee capsules, the subsequent use of higher costs, but also not the first choice of office coffee machine.

The automatic coffee machine than the semi-automatic coffee machine not only has the price advantage, the operation is also more convenient. Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine can directly use the coffee beans now grinding now extracting, making a strong flavor, delicate taste of espresso, but also can make milk froth, to meet the needs of employees who love milk coffee.

A company's corporate culture, hardware environment has become a hard indicator for professionals when choosing a company, and the pantry is also considered an office environment. A company wants to keep talent not only to have a good salary package, but also to give employees a certain amount of humanistic care, to provide a good working environment, an office with a coffee machine is essential.