What kinds of coffee machines are on the market? Home coffee machine "selection manual" please accept!


Coffee - is the modern city people work when the "life of the gods", when tiredness comes, drink a cup of coffee with a strong aroma, can make vitality again. With the popularity of coffee, coffee machines also smoothly "hit" the coffee market, the coffee machines on the market today are often fully utilized electronic technology, with more intelligent control, but what types of popular coffee machines are there? Home coffee machine and how to choose?

A, the type of coffee machine on the market

Now the more popular coffee machines are fully automatic coffee machines, semi-automatic coffee machines and drip coffee machines. Automatic coffee machine is a coffee machine that does not require human operation, this coffee machine can not only grind, but also add hot milk, making lattes; and semi-automatic coffee machine can not grind beans, can only use coffee powder, the operator needs to fill the powder and press the powder, which requires a certain coffee making process.

Drip coffee machine is a more firm coffee machine, this coffee machine needs to often buy filter paper filter coffee, the operation still requires a certain amount of skill.

Second, the home coffee machine on the choice of automatic coffee machine

A good home coffee machine, but also the pursuit of a sophisticated life. Compared to the complex operation of semi-automatic coffee machines and simple drip coffee machines, fully automatic coffee machines can actually better meet the needs of coffee lovers on coffee.

Choose a fully automatic home coffee machine with a brand guarantee is more reliable, such as Dr. Coffee machine. Its large-capacity brewer design, with a capacity of up to 16g, can better achieve stable extraction and better ensure the mellow taste of coffee; fast pre-brewing system, you can customize the time to preheat the coffee machine to ensure the quality of each first cup; accurate and stable grinding system, you can adjust the coarseness of the grind according to personal taste to make different concentrations of coffee.