What parameters should I focus on for a coffee machine for the office? Is a fully automatic coffee machine suitable for office scenarios?


In today's society, many of the larger companies are willing to work on the welfare of their employees, a good coffee machine can not only enhance the happiness of employees, but also chase away fatigue and improve employee productivity. So what parameters should be noted when selecting a coffee machine for the office?

1, the convenience of making coffee

The reason why semi-automatic coffee is not commonly used in the office is because it is more difficult to operate and the convenience is low. Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine, just a little bit on the digital screen, wait a little bit, you can get a cup of aromatic coffee, pure flavor, no less than the coffee shop, the perfect guarantee of the convenience of the operation.

2, the amount of cups

When buying a coffee machine for the office, be sure to take into account the number of people in the office. If there are fewer employees, then you can consider using a home type power automatic coffee machine. But if the number of employees, then the household type of coffee machine is obviously not applicable, must use the office scene applicable automatic coffee machine, Dr. F11, F10, F08 and other models are a good choice.

3, maintenance, cleaning convenience

Semi-automatic coffee machines require a lot of cleaning when cleaning, time-consuming and laborious; capsule coffee machines are easy to use and clean but the cost of coffee is high, Dr. Qia fully automatic coffee machines are simple to maintain, have the patented technology of custom automatic cleaning, easy to clean and can easily meet the requirements of people's coffee machines for the office.

Since its inception, Dr. Qia has been promoting the research and development of coffee machines with technological innovation, and has made certain achievements in the field of coffee machines for office use, and is committed to building a domestic coffee machine brand with international influence. Choosing a coffee machine, we must choose a professional brand, Dr. Qia will not let consumers down.