What scenarios are fully automatic coffee machines suitable for? Why is the automatic coffee machine a global hit in recent years?


Coffee, once synonymous with "high quality of life", has now become a drink that can be found everywhere in the country, and drinking coffee has become a way of life that the nation is accustomed to, and coffee machines have entered the public eye. People can see the figure of coffee machines in various different scenarios, with automatic coffee machines being the majority. Why automatic coffee machines have become a global hit in recent years, and what scenarios are automatic coffee machines suitable for? Let's find out together.

At present, most coffee machines used in cafes are semi-automatic coffee machines, because the cafes have professional baristas, can use semi-automatic coffee machines to develop more unique personal characteristics of the coffee. But in more scenarios, the automatic coffee machine "appearance rate" is much higher than the semi-automatic coffee machine. Data show that shopping malls, hotels, milk tea stores, offices and home scenes, consumers are still more inclined to choose fully automatic coffee machines, mainly for two reasons. First, in addition to the home scenario, other application scenarios have high requirements for the efficiency of the coffee machine, semi-automatic coffee machines are slow, and the efficient features of fully automatic coffee machines fit the needs of these scenarios; second, fully automatic coffee machines do not have high requirements for users, and do not require professional skills, milk tea stores, hotels do not need to pay extra fees to recruit professional baristas, saving A large amount of labor costs, in the office and home scenarios, users can also simply and easily make a delicious cup of coffee.

Low threshold, good quality and high efficiency are the reasons for the global popularity of fully automatic coffee machines. Dr. Qia has been deeply engaged in the field of automatic coffee machines for many years, and its products are not only hot selling in China, but also exported overseas, and the number of overseas shipments in 2021 is as high as 45,000 units, creating a good achievement. In the future, Dr. Qia will continue to develop new products and explore new markets to bring better coffee experience to customers.