What should I pay attention to when using a coffee machine for the office? What are some of the more reliable coffee machine brands?


I don't know when the coffee machine has become the "standard" in the office, and has become one of the important indicators to measure the welfare of the company's employees. Especially in large cities, almost every small-scale company pantry will have a coffee machine. But many companies have purchased a coffee machine, but know nothing about the maintenance of the coffee machine for the office, resulting in a shortened service life of the coffee machine, the cost of spending on the coffee machine rises, causing headaches. So what should I pay attention to when using a coffee machine?

1, timely cleaning of coffee grounds

Many automatic coffee machines have automatic cleaning function, but the coffee grounds or have to be poured by the user, if not timely cleaning coffee grounds, wet coffee grounds will breed bacteria, moisture is easy to corrode the coffee machine parts, shortening the service life.

2, add cold water when adding water

Some people will forget to add water when using a fully automatic coffee machine, or add boiling water, which will cause harm to the coffee machine.

3, clean the milk frother outlet

Many office coffee machines have an automatic frothing function, allowing users to have more flavors to choose from. However, milk has a certain viscosity, and when it dries out, it tends to clump and clog the outlet, so you must remember to clean it after use.

4, regular descaling

Coffee machines will produce scale after a certain period of time, it is important to remember to regularly descale, so as not to block the pipeline scale, but also to destroy the taste of coffee.

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