What types of coffee machines are there? What are the considerations for coffee machines?


Coffee is a popular drink that does not lose milk tea, for many "work party", a cup of coffee at work time can not only refresh, but also relieve the pressure of work, with the popularity of coffee machines, there are many companies, hotels and even families have used the coffee machine, but what types of coffee machines there are? And what are the caveats?

First of all, the more common types of coffee machines on the market are divided into three types, there are semi-automatic coffee machines, automatic coffee machines, capsule coffee machines. Semi-automatic coffee machines are also divided into three separate categories, roughly the toy machine below $1000, more than $10000 commercial semi-automatic, 3-8000 mid-range home business dual-use coffee machine. The use of the method is also more complex, you need to choose the right amount of coffee beans will be ground into powder or direct use of coffee powder added to the filter paper, and then the filter paper with the coffee powder into the coffee machine.

Automatic coffee machines are commonly used in offices, hotels and other public places, this kind of coffee machine does not need to grind their own coffee beans, the coffee machine itself can complete the grinding, extraction and other steps, but also equipped with a milk froth system, you can make different flavors of coffee, especially intelligent and convenient. The capsule coffee machine is also a one-button operation, the coffee production quality is medium, generally need to match the coffee machine itself with the product tone for the purchase of coffee capsules, so the late cost is high, because the coffee capsules than the general coffee beans to be about twice as expensive, so the automatic coffee machine is considered the choice of enterprises, hotels and other public places.

In short, the choice of coffee machines is varied, the main thing is to choose a coffee machine that is suitable for a particular place.