When selecting a coffee machine for the office, the following points should not be overlooked!


For busy city people, coffee is a "refreshing" good thing, it is no exaggeration to say that there are many work party three meals a day need coffee as a companion, with the increased demand for coffee, coffee machine has become the existence of many enterprises essential, and the selection of office coffee machine to consider the company environment, the number of employees, budget and other factors. But the quality of the coffee machine is more important, choose a high-quality coffee machine, the following points should not be ignored.

First, the professional grinding system

A high quality coffee machine should have a professional grinding system, the so-called "professional", is reflected in the grinding bean knife plate, to generate and store as little heat as possible, so as not to accelerate the oxidation of coffee powder in the process of grinding heat.

Second, high and low pressure extraction mode

What is high and low pressure extraction mode? High and low pressure extraction mode produces a more aromatic coffee, high pressure extraction system can produce pure espresso; low pressure extraction can make excellent taste of American style coffee.

Third, the self-cleaning system

Most of the current automatic coffee machines can be automatically cleaned, mainly the milk pipe cleaning and hygiene must be done, like Dr. Coffee machine can meet the many needs of coffee at the same time, always supervise the milk pipe cleaning and hygiene, so that cleaning becomes efficient and convenient, saving time and effort.

Fourth, intelligent operation

In fact, most automatic coffee machine operation process is exceptionally simple, and Dr. Qia coffee machine to achieve intelligent innovation, the use of large inches of full-color capacitive touch screen display, support for Chinese and multi-language touch screen selection, not only can enjoy the production of coffee at the touch of a button, but also built a smart Internet of things system, can achieve remote control management.

In short, the office with the coffee machine to start from the actual needs of the coffee machine quality is the key, and many domestic corporate offices are using Dr. Coffee machine brand.