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Which brand of commercial coffee machine is good? What are the advantages of Dr. Coffee Machine?


When drinking coffee becomes a fashion, people will find that coffee machines will appear in many places. In addition to professional coffee shops, coffee machines will also appear in the crowded large shopping malls, high-end gorgeous star hotels and major chain restaurant brands. Many companies, brands and shopping malls face a dilemma when buying a coffee machine: which brand of commercial coffee machine is good?

The current market is full of coffee machine brands, making people dazzled, the primary consideration of the purchaser is to buy foreign brands or domestic brands. Foreign coffee machine brand fame, good quality, but the price is also relatively high, and after-sales maintenance is difficult to get protection; domestic brands of good quality, perfect after-sales service, the price is relatively low, but is in the development stage, fame slightly inferior to foreign brands. Now the rise of domestic products, domestic coffee machines in quality is not inferior to foreign brands, for many businesses, the choice of domestic coffee machines is undoubtedly the optimal solution for the current.

Dr. Qia was founded in 2016, since its inception has been focused on the design and development, manufacturing and sales of coffee machines, with a professional R & D team, the introduction of cutting-edge technology, its products cover a number of application scenarios, including hotel catering, business office, chain operations and household areas, with high-quality products, perfect after-sales service, reasonable prices to win the recognition of the majority of customers.

At present, Dr. Qia has not only opened up the domestic market in China, but also extended its tentacles to overseas and occupied a place in the overseas market. It is reported that in 2021, Dr. Qia shipped 45,000 units overseas, proving its strength with sales. Choose Dr. Chai commercial coffee machine to make coffee making simple.