Why are most of the coffee machines used in offices fully automatic coffee machines? Is a semi-automatic coffee machine bad?


In modern society, enterprises in the pantry configuration of a coffee machine has become a common phenomenon, as long as careful observation will find that most of the office coffee machines are fully automatic coffee machines, there will be almost no enterprise in the pantry placed semi-automatic coffee machine. Is it because the semi-automatic coffee machine is not good? In fact, it is because the semi-automatic coffee machine is not suitable for the office scene.

As we all know, coffee machines used in cafes are often semi-automatic coffee machines, the barista can adjust the coarseness of the coffee powder by setting the gears of the grinder; you can adjust the taste of the coffee by pressing the strength of the powder; you can also control the fineness of the milk froth by the angle of the steam nozzle, the length of the whipping time, combined into a very personal coffee.

However, companies will purchase a coffee machine, one is for one more employee benefit, and the other is to enhance the efficiency of staff work, so the convenience and practicality of the coffee machine has high requirements. Semi-automatic coffee machines are good, but each time before making coffee, you need to use the bean grinder to grind the coffee powder, after the production is completed, to clean the powder bowl and steam nozzle, a lot of time is consumed, if we all go to make coffee at the same time, it will waste more time in the queue. In addition, semi-automatic coffee machines have high requirements for the skills of the maker, and it is difficult for ordinary employees to make a satisfactory cup of coffee.

The Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine is completely free of the above problems, bean grinder and coffee boiler in one, a simple button, a short wait, you can get a cup of quality coffee, the taste can be selected according to their preferences on the display, there is an automatic cleaning function, compared to semi-automatic coffee machine, apparently automatic coffee machine is more suitable for office use coffee machine.