Why are most of the coffee machines used in offices fully automatic? What are the advantages of a fully automatic coffee machine?


Placing an office tea machine in the company has been the standard configuration of large and medium-sized enterprises, and among the various types of coffee machines, the majority of fully automatic coffee machines. Why do most companies choose a fully automatic coffee machine when selecting a coffee machine for the office? What are the advantages of a fully automatic coffee machine?

1, rich drinks, to meet the different needs of employees

Black coffee without sugar can certainly refresh the brain, but people's tastes are not uniform, some people like black coffee mellow, some people like the milk curry thick, companies want to meet the needs of employees, to enhance the goodwill of employees, in the purchase of office coffee machines often choose to make different flavors of coffee machine, automatic coffee machine is the best choice.

2, simple operation, quick production

After all, the office is still a place of work, not for leisure and entertainment, and companies do not want employees to spend too much time on making coffee. Automatic coffee machine operation is simple, just a click, you can make a cup of aromatic coffee. Simple operation, efficient production, can greatly enhance the use of the coffee machine, to avoid the coffee machine idle.

3, easy to clean, simple maintenance

Generally speaking, coffee machines need to be cleaned and maintained after use, and if the cleaning process is too troublesome, employees will use the coffee machine less often because they are afraid of the trouble, resulting in the coffee machine being idle. Automatic coffee machine with automatic cleaning function, daily maintenance is quite simple, which can greatly reduce the burden of cleaning and maintenance.

Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine with ceramic grinding flat knife, 16g patented brewing system, automatic cleaning function, to ensure the taste of coffee on the basis of optimal cleaning and maintenance functions, to create a coffee machine for the office that meets the needs of the enterprise, so that good coffee is available at hand.