Why are most of the coffee machines used in offices fully automatic? What is the mystery?


Today's fast-paced life makes people seem to press the "fast forward" button, such as "desperate" as non-stop work. But after a morning of tedious work, to about two or three o'clock in the afternoon, sleepiness gradually attacked, the office came to the sound of yawning, listless employees at this time the upper and lower eyelids straight fight, hate to use two "matchstick" to support the "strike "The eyelids, resulting in the efficiency of work at this time is often not high. In order to achieve humane company management, more and more companies are now beginning to place a coffee machine in the office, so that employees can drink freshly ground coffee anytime, anywhere. And most of the coffee machines chosen for the office are fully automatic coffee machines, so why is there this bias? What is the mystery of it?

1. Improve employee productivity

Coffee itself has a refreshing effect on the brain, employees in the tired after work to drink a cup of coffee to refresh themselves and rejuvenate. The automatic coffee machine can make a cup of delicious coffee in a very short time, basically will not delay the staff's working time.

2. Reflect the good culture of the company

When customers come to the company for business negotiations, if you can provide customers with a cup of high-quality, good-tasting coffee, reflecting a good corporate culture, greatly enhance the customer's goodwill toward the enterprise, to a certain extent, to improve the rate of customer signings.

3. Simple operation, after-sales guarantee

Automatic coffee machine operation is very simple, whether it is a professional "veteran" or "new white" can quickly get started, do not need to spend too much time and effort. And the professional brand coffee machine after-sales is very secure, the user no longer have to worry about how to solve the coffee machine maintenance problems.

These are a few factors why the office coffee machine prefers to choose a fully automatic coffee machine, so it seems that choosing a good fully automatic coffee machine is a very important thing for the business. Dr. Coffee's fully automatic coffee machine is actually doing very well in the industry, and is a coffee machine brand worth choosing for businesses.