Why are office coffee machines selling so well? An analysis of China's white-collar coffee needs


As one of the world's top three beverages, coffee flowed into China late, but the market has developed rapidly, especially in recent years, the popularity of coffee has been significantly enhanced. 2021, China's freshly ground coffee market size reached 87.6 billion yuan, the market potential is evident. With the popularity of coffee, office coffee machines have also become the standard in all senior office buildings. Inevitably, some people will have doubts, coffee shops all over the streets and alleys, why office coffee machines are still so popular? This all has to start from the "workers" coffee needs.

"Workers" prefer office coffee machines for three main reasons: First, with the office coffee machine to make coffee, you can make more changes in the taste. In addition to the type of coffee in the coffee shop, very little in the specific ratio of the ingredients to give a choice, but the use of office coffee machines, users can adjust their own parameters to produce coffee more in line with their own tastes; second, the price of coffee in the coffee shop is high, easily 30 to 40 yuan, while the production costs of the office coffee machine is paid by the company, employees do not need to pay the cost, you can save a lot of money for the workers Expenses; third, whether in the coffee shop to buy coffee, or in the office to order take-out, will waste a lot of time waiting, and in the office to make their own coffee, just a few minutes, you can get a good cup of freshly ground coffee, refreshing at the same time will not waste time.

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