Why do chain tea and beverage stores need automatic coffee machines? Is a fully automatic coffee machine good?


In recent years, milk tea, coffee popular streets and alleys, whether in front of schools or commercial centers, you can see large and small tea and beverage stores, all kinds of coffee, tea brands more and more, which can be seen in the unlimited business opportunities. In order to attract more consumers, many tea and beverage stores also added a variety of coffee in the menu, but also let the automatic coffee machine into the multi tea and beverage store.

Why do tea drinking stores need automatic coffee machines? There are two reasons.

First, it is to save labor costs. Tea beverage store drinks are not like a coffee shop, often tens of dollars, most tea beverage stores are taking the pro-people route. And a barista's salary requirements are not low, a monthly salary of more than 10,000 in the industry is only the upper level, for most tea stores, selling coffee is just "incidental", for this reason to hire a professional barista, there is more to lose than to gain. The taste of coffee made with a fully automatic coffee machine actually does not lose the professional barista, compared to hiring a barista, the purchase of a fully automatic coffee machine obviously has a higher cost performance.

Secondly, it is to improve the efficiency of the production. Even professional baristas, making a cup of coffee also need to go through the process of grinding, pressing powder, extraction, frothing, pulling, etc., after the end of production also need to manually clean the coffee machine, and tea store customers often do not have much patience to wait for a cup of coffee, a longer production time may make the tea store customer loss. Compared to the manual, the speed of the machine is certainly faster, fully automatic coffee machine can significantly improve the efficiency of coffee production, so that employees faster orders, so that consumer satisfaction.

As the leader of domestic commercial automatic coffee machine brand, Dr. Coffee has a number of patented technologies, has reached cooperation with a number of domestic and foreign chain brands to provide equipment support for coffee and tea beverage brands to help tea and beverage stores to reduce costs and increase efficiency and enhance core competitiveness.