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Why do people prefer freshly ground coffee to instant coffee? How should I choose a home coffee machine?


In recent years, coffee culture has become popular in China and the coffee consumption of Chinese residents has increased. The instant coffee circuit, which used to dominate the mainstream, has been hit, and more and more consumers are choosing freshly ground coffee. Why do consumers now no longer prefer instant coffee? Is it necessary to buy a coffee machine for home scenarios? How should I choose a home coffee machine? Then read on to know.

Why do consumers now no longer like instant coffee? The reason is simple, instant coffee is made with ground coffee powder, and then add a variety of food additives, most of which have lost the original flavor of coffee, leaving only the flavor of flavor. The freshly ground coffee is made from freshly ground coffee beans and then brewed with water, which retains the strong aroma of coffee and allows you to taste the layers and different flavors, and the refreshing effect is also better than instant coffee.

Is it necessary to buy a coffee machine for home scenarios? It depends on your own needs. If you are a coffee lover and have the habit of drinking coffee every day, then purchasing a home coffee machine for yourself is a great option. So how should I choose a home coffee machine? The most important thing about a home coffee machine is the quality of the product and the experience of using it. When choosing a home coffee machine, it is recommended to pick a coffee machine with simple operation and a rich selection of flavors.

Dr. Coffee H1 coffee machine in addition to the default system drinks, you can also adjust their own parameters to produce exclusive drinks to meet their own taste needs, not only that, the quiet small flat knife design allows the coffee machine to work efficiently while maintaining quiet, allowing users to taste the aroma of coffee in a quiet environment. In addition, it also comes with an independent steam lever, so users can enjoy the fun of pulling flowers at home, making coffee making more interesting.