Why do tea stores also sell coffee drinks? What kind of coffee machine is used in tea beverage stores?


Careful consumers will certainly find that many chain tea stores began to appear in the coffee drinks. Some tea stores will be combined with tea and coffee, the introduction of tea + coffee special drinks; some tea stores are directly launched coffee series drinks, why tea stores also began to sell coffee? Tea beverage store and the use of which coffee machine? Next, go into the tea store together to find out what it is.

In fact, as early as a few years ago, coffee has appeared on the menu of some tea drinking stores. The reason why tea-based tea drinking stores will appear coffee drinks, the reason is still interest-driven. Various tea stores have experienced the creativity, marketing, quality of the competition, and then began to drink kinds of competition, and tea with the world's three major drinks, one of the coffee, naturally, has become a place of necessity. Coupled with the rapid development of the coffee market in recent years, the number of cups of coffee consumption per capita in China has increased year by year, tea brands will look at this market, it is not surprising.

Of course, the tea store in the end is not a professional chain coffee brand, even if you start to enter the coffee track, but also in the cost of a more stringent control. Tea beverage store in the purchase of coffee machines, compared to the need for professional operation of semi-automatic coffee machines, more inclined to choose to use the lower threshold of automatic coffee machines, not only more aspects of speed, but also save more labor costs, so as to improve the profits of coffee drinks.

Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine production is stable, simple maintenance, in improving the quality of coffee drinks can also reduce the cost of coffee, so that consumers can enjoy a more favorable price to high-quality coffee drinks, help tea beverage store to improve competitiveness and help the development of the tea beverage industry.