Why does a fully automatic coffee machine work so well? What is the working principle?


With the gradual increase in people's income, the coffee machine that originally appeared only in hotels and cafes has covered more scenes, entering the milk tea stores and ordinary residents' homes. Among them, fully automatic coffee machine with simple operation and stable production, by the consumer's favorite. Why is a fully automatic coffee machine so good? What is the working principle?

Most fully automatic coffee machines are mainly composed of several parts: the water supply system, the grinding system, the extraction system, and the boiler heating and insulation system. The grinding system includes the grinding mechanism, coffee bean bin, disposition channel, adjusting the amount of powder composition, the good or bad design of the grinding system is related to the coarse or fine coffee powder, which has a great impact on the taste of coffee. The water tank water supply is composed of water level sensor, water tank, water inlet, the size of the water tank has a certain impact on the number of consecutive cups. The extraction system consists of steam shower, extraction hatch, coffee powder box, etc., which plays an important role in the extraction of coffee and the amount of oil.

In the production of the barista, the user first set the parameters of the coffee machine according to their preferences, the control system will issue instructions to the grinding system, extraction system, coffee powder into the extraction compartment, the boiler starts working and delivers hot water to the extraction system, the extracted coffee flows into the coffee cup, and a cup of aromatic coffee is finished.

For the user, making a cup of coffee with a fully automatic coffee maker is simple, you just need to press a button and you will get a good cup of coffee. But in fact, for the coffee machine manufacturer, it is necessary to handle every detail of the coffee machine. Dr. Coffee has been focusing on the design, production and sales of coffee machines for many years, and has accumulated a wealth of experience that can provide users with a quality coffee experience.