Why is the coffee maker, along with the air fryer and pre-prepared dishes, a "home furnishing kit"?


Against the backdrop of the erratic epidemic, people's life patterns are gradually being changed, with travel shifting from distant trips to suburbs and neighborhood parks becoming spots to hit out. The time spent at home is also being stretched. According to an online consumption trend report, while all people are booming camping, home consumption has become a new highlight of the holiday. More and more young people are pursuing the "steady happiness" in the fireworks of a porridge and a meal. Coffee machine, air fryer, pre-made dishes have become people's "three pieces of home". Air fryers and prepared dishes become a necessity of people's lives is not unusual, but the coffee machine has also become a necessity of the home with them, why is it?

People stay at home for a long time, for now "no coffee, no joy" of young people, can not always go out to buy coffee is a difficult thing to accept. So they prefer to choose to buy a coffee machine, so that even at home can also enjoy the delicious coffee at any time.

As the time spent at home lengthens, people's recreational activities are also reduced, but if there is a home coffee machine at home, the family can make coffee after the holidays, grinding, frothing ...... can not only improve their own hands-on skills, but also enhance the emotions between the family, and spend a good holiday with the family.

Wake up in the morning and use the coffee machine to make a cup of strong, mellow coffee, the air is filled with the smell of coffee. Coffee is not a new thing now, but has almost become a "necessity" of life for many people. Holiday home, why not buy a Dr. Coffee home coffee machine, "let life slow down", personally make a cup of fragrant freshly ground coffee, let life petty beautiful.