Why is the sale of coffee machines for the office soaring? What kind of coffee machines do young people like to use?


Friends who are more concerned about the coffee machine market must have found that in recent years, the office coffee machine sales have increased greatly, the office coffee machine has entered more and more office buildings, becoming the pantry standard. Office coffee machine sales why a big increase? Why are companies willing to pay for coffee machines? In fact, the mystery is still in the company employees.

With the gradual entry of the post-95s into society, Generation Z has become the main force of the "working man". Compared to their parents, this generation of young people are more assertive and individual, have a clearer perception of the work environment, work content, work prospects, etc., and pay more attention to the "two-way choice" when looking for a job, even if they pass the corporate interview, but also to confirm that the various benefits of the company to meet their own needs before choosing to take up employment. In order to network talents, major companies continue to improve the welfare system, and also according to the preferences of employees to the office layout. Nowadays, many large companies have prepared fitness rooms and snack cabinets for their employees, and coffee, as a popular drink among young people, is naturally an indispensable part of employee welfare, so the office coffee machine has a foothold in the pantry.

Generation Z is not only the pursuit of personality, but also the pursuit of fashion and convenience. Compared with the difficult operation of semi-automatic coffee machine, Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine is obviously more appetizing to young people. The large high-definition screen can clearly display the drinks, making it easier for employees to choose. At the same time, employees can also adjust the parameters of the coffee through the display to match their own taste of coffee. In addition, Dr. Coffee machine has a strong continuous cup capacity and automatic cleaning function, which appropriately reflects the sense of intelligence and convenience of the coffee machine, and stands out from the crowd of office coffee machines in the C position.