Why the fashion industry needs a coffee machine for the office? Coffee, a constant source of new inspiration.


Many people's impression of coffee, are derived from the film's fashion industry. Wearing prada female devil into the office, ordered the assistant to order a cup of black coffee without sugar, which opened the audience "the door to a new world". Today, coffee culture has been popularized, but people's impression of it is still linked to fashion. In fact, most fashion related companies do have a coffee machine for the office.

Why does the fashion industry need an office coffee machine? This is inseparably related to the work attributes of the fashion industry. First of all, coffee itself is a fashion language. Coffee has always been closely related to fashion, senior and other words, and now the status of coffee in the minds of young people has even been and milk tea, and become the young people's "life-sustaining water", the fashion industry to lead the trend, naturally can not be missing an office coffee machine. Secondly, the fashion industry looks glamorous, but in fact, the workload and work pressure undertaken by employees in the fashion industry is extremely high, the office coffee machine can always provide a cup of coffee for employees, refreshing and relieving stress. Finally, a fashionable appearance, the production of good taste coffee machine can enhance the corporate and brand image, playing a role in creating brand tone.

Dr. Qia automatic coffee machine has excellent performance in various fields, simple operation, strong continuous cup capacity and good taste, making Dr. Qia competent as an office coffee machine and the darling of the fashion industry. Dr. Qia will continue to make efforts to make the coffee machine more compatible with the fashion industry.