Why would a tea and beverage store choose a fully automatic coffee machine? Is the coffee from a fully automatic coffee machine good?


With the coffee in the domestic market gradually take hold, open the market, consumers will find that many chains of tea stores have quietly added "coffee" option on the menu, careful observation, can be found in the tea store a relatively small automatic coffee machine. Why is the use of coffee shops are mostly semi-automatic coffee machines, and tea stores do use fully automatic coffee machines? This article will answer for you one by one.

The reason why cafes use semi-automatic coffee machines is because the freedom of using semi-automatic coffee machines is higher, and baristas can grind, press powder, froth milk and create creative coffee with their own personalities according to their own habits. But relatively, semi-automatic coffee machines are also more demanding on the user, and it is difficult for non-professionals to make a satisfying cup of coffee using a semi-automatic coffee machine. The tea store will use a fully automatic coffee machine, there are also considerations in this regard. On the one hand, the use of fully automatic coffee machines will no longer need to hire a professional barista, even ordinary employees, can also make a good cup of coffee. On the other hand, fully automatic coffee machine can not only reduce the difficulty of training, but also has the advantages of fast production, automatic cleaning, etc. For the spot and go, the busy business of the tea and beverage store, fully automatic coffee machine can improve efficiency and save effort.

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