Young people are relying on coffee to renew their lives? Office coffee machine to help young people achieve "coffee freedom".


In more than ten years, coffee has gradually entered the life of the public from the "third living space" of the "petty" group, and has become a "life-sustaining tool" for workers, signifying that coffee has been Take off the "expensive" "petty" and other rather distant label, has become a contemporary young people take for granted the way of life. When coffee becomes a "life-sustaining tool" for "workers", the office coffee machine also opens a wide sales path.

Once, coffee is a middle-class props used to clarify their class boundaries, in the 1920s and 1930s, the rise of cafes in Shanghai, many literati often in cafes to meet, talk about literature and politics; now, a variety of coffee chain brands have entered China, cafes are no longer rare, coffee also from the expression of ritual "luxury " has become a popular drink like milk tea and soy milk. It can be seen that the traditional coffee industry for a sense of seniority, the pursuit of ritual is not suitable for most consumers in China, such as a few dozen yuan a cup of freshly ground coffee, a cup of office coffee machine made coffee may be more office white-collar favor.

Now it is increasingly difficult to recruit talent, in order to recruit and retain talent, corporate welfare is becoming more and more perfect, an office coffee machine, has become a standard configuration in the welfare of employees of major enterprises, so that the majority of workers can always drink a free cup of "life support" when they are tired and sleepy.

Dr. Coffee has been cultivating the field of coffee machines for many years, with strong technical strength and rich experience in research and development, choosing Dr. Coffee office series as the office coffee machine, you can enjoy a quality coffee experience and perfect after-sales service, helping workers to achieve "coffee freedom".