2023 FBNB New Food and Beverage Conference


The conference focused on the new food and beverage consumption track, the two-day agenda was themed "Wave Maker" and "Drink Leader", inviting 60+ head enterprises, external think tanks, industry capitalists, 500+ brands, 50+ service providers and supply chain enterprises, and 1500+ professional visitors. 1500+ professional audience, through theme sharing, roundtable discussion, list selection, new product debut, private dinner and exchange, etc., to take stock of this year's hot products and industry trends, focus on brand sales, voice "growth" double landing, promote the new consumption "pre-made", "ready-made", "ready-made", etc. The event will focus on brand sales and voice "growth", promote new consumption "pre-made" and "ready-made" cross-track collision cooperation, and promote the sustainable development of the new food and beverage consumption field!


On March 30, 2023FBNB New Food and Beverage Conference came to an end in the East Hall of Shanghai Library.

70+ hosts from industry exhibitions, capital and famous brands gathered together, Dr. Qia attended the conference as a special sponsor, and Mr. Huang Chunyu, a representative of the company, shared and discussed with the audience of over 1,000 people on the scene, using full of dry goods, setting the direction, finding methods and gathering resources in the collision of ideas, clearing the fog and enlightening the future.


▲Roundtable Forum: Tea and Coffee Supply Chain Forum (First from right: Huang Chunyu)


▲Dr. QIA won the TOP10 brand of FBNB supply chain empowerment

At the same time, Dr. Q also brought F09, F30, SC10 and other automatic coffee machines into the fine exhibition area of 2023 FBNB New Food and Beverage Conference to show the eye-catching style of automatic coffee machine "Dr. Q".

During the exhibition, Dr. Qia's booth was crowded with people, and the automatic coffee machine demonstrated the fast production of freshly ground coffee, automatic cleaning, independent steam lever frothing and other aspects, and visualized the operation of the mellow life "within reach", which attracted a lot of exhibitors and professional customers from all over the country to observe and consult.

While tasting the coffee produced by Dr. Coffee machine, they exchanged views with the staff on product functions, industry trends and user needs.

The 2023FBNB New Food and Beverage Conference has come to a successful end and is also a brand new start, Dr. Qia will continue to forge ahead as always!