Building a Convenience Store Development Ecosystem, Dr. Qia - 2023 China Convenience Store Conference Successfully Concluded


From May 10 to May 12, the 2023 China Convenience Store Conference organized by the China Chain Store Association (CCFA) was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi.

This conference is the largest domestic convenience store industry, the most comprehensive brands involved, covering the most content, the most authoritative conference activities, a combination of policy interpretation, authoritative release, theme sharing, case interpretation, exhibition, exchange and cooperation and other forms of activities.


Dr. Coffee attended the conference with the full series of commercial coffee machines to show the unique charm of the products and the leading advantages of the products in the industry, and to discuss the new trends of the development of the convenience store industry with colleagues from all walks of life.

In the vitality of the convenience store, coffee is integrated into the daily life of every Chinese consumer, and the "fast coffee" culture has put forward higher requirements for the coffee quality and cup time of the convenience store, and the coffee machine selected by the convenience store needs to meet various challenges while strictly ensuring coffee quality and meeting the requirements of simple operation, convenient payment and self-cleaning, The coffee machine chosen by the convenience store needs to meet various challenges, but also strictly ensure the quality of coffee, meet the simple operation, convenient payment, self-service cleaning and many other functions, the maximum efficiency of the coffee production efficient and high quality, better service to each consumer.


As a coffee system solution expert, Dr. Qia adopts the advanced IOT operation system to help diversify the operation of convenience stores, provide fast and stable coffee supply service with high quality, and realize more efficient coffee machine operation for customers.

At the exhibition, Dr. Cai displayed three series of commercial coffee machines for business office, commercial chain and hotel catering, with different module combinations to meet the coffee needs of different people. Many exhibitors used Dr. Qia's automatic coffee machine to make coffee with one key and experienced the deliciousness of convenient coffee. Under the careful explanation of the sales, the atmosphere of on-site customer negotiation was very enthusiastic.


2023 China Convenience Store Conference has come to an end, this exhibition, Dr. Qia showed the vigorous power from automatic coffee machine to major convenience systems, Dr. Qia will continue to plow deeper and continue to explore more possibilities in the future.