Dr. Curry at 2023 Hotel Investment and Hotel Industry Exhibition


On April 21, the three-day 2023 China International Hotel Investment and Hotel Industry Series Exhibition came to a perfect end at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center.

As a leading domestic manufacturer of automatic coffee machines, Dr. Qia participated in the exhibition with dozens of commercial coffee machines and showed the unique charm of the products and the leading advantages of the products in the industry with strength, and was highly recognized by many customers and exhibitors with high quality coffee machines and professional team and professional services.

With 100% enthusiasm, Dr. Qia strives to provide customers with the best product presentation and service experience, from the design of the exhibition hall to each detail setting, and then to the display of high quality commercial coffee machines, we have poured out the ultimate seriousness and sincerity.

At the exhibition, three series of commercial coffee machines covering business office, commercial chain and hotel catering were displayed in Dr. Qia's exhibition hall in an orderly manner, with different combinations of modules to meet the coffee needs of different people.

During the exhibition, the exhibition hall of Dr. Qia was crowded with people, and under the careful explanation of the sales, the atmosphere of customer negotiation was very enthusiastic.

With professionalism and wisdom, Dr. Qia is dedicated to exploring in the field of automatic commercial coffee machines, creating a wonderful coffee experience for consumers to the greatest extent and providing more perfect coffee solutions for the industry.

The China International Hotel Investment and Hotel Industry Series Exhibition is not only a window to show the strength and prospect of Dr. Qia's products, but also a platform to establish links between Dr. Qia and end users, channel partners and industry resources.

This exhibition has come to an end, but Dr. Qia's marching steps will not stop, we will increase the pace in the future, gather our peers, plow ourselves deeper, and bring higher quality coffee machines and more professional and attentive services to the industry!