HOTELEX SHANGHAI 2023 will not end, Dr. Qia will continue to refine and sharpen its cultivation in the future!


On June 1, the four-day 2023 HOTELEX Shanghai International Hotel and Catering Expo came to an end at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai Puxi - Hongqiao). The exhibition gathered a lot of guests, "gathering industry Tianshui", focusing on the new ecology of catering + tourism consumption, all kinds of novel consumption scenarios, to promote the innovative expansion of the catering culture and tourism market after the epidemic.

Focusing on the field of fully automatic coffee machine, Dr. Qia presented a full series of coffee machines at the Shanghai Hotel Show, including four series of CVS (commercial chain), HoReCa (hotel catering), OCS (business office) and HOME (home scenario), and the on-site demonstration of the operation of the fully automatic freshly ground coffee machine attracted the majority of exhibitors to stop and ask questions.


Among the exhibits on the site, the eye-catching new product of Dr. Chai - the super flagship model F4, Coffee Master 100 and Coffee Master 200 with extremely fast performance attracted the attention of many visitors.


Super commercial flagship model F4

The F4, as the super commercial flagship model, has four bean bins, a large touch screen and four coffee outlets, with an output efficiency of 600 espresso cups per hour, and is equipped with four independent self-correcting grinding systems, two independent brewing systems and QCMS quality monitoring system, which can still ensure the quality of coffee even at the peak of traffic. The Coffee Master 100 is also part of the CVS series.

The Coffee Master 100 is also one of the flagship models of the CVS series, which is equipped with superb configurations in terms of quality, efficiency, operational intelligence, and the appearance and texture of the machine, just to produce master coffee.

The CVS series is also one of the flagship models of the CVS series.

Coffee Master 200

During the exhibition, Dr. Qia people always receive every friend who comes to Dr. Qia's exhibition area with enthusiasm and full of spirit, and actively and meticulously introduce the company and products for visitors, patiently explain, seriously answer questions in detail, listen carefully to different demands, actively provide the most suitable coffee service solutions for each demand, and strive for each customer to understand Dr. Qia's high quality coffee machine at the same time, feel Dr. Qia's We strive for each customer to understand the high quality coffee machine of Dr. Qia, feel the warm and sincere service attitude of Dr. Qia, and know our intention and trustworthiness.

Looking back at the Shanghai exhibition, from the exhibition to the perfect closing, every detail of the exhibition is infused with the infinite love and originality of Dr. Qia for the automatic coffee machine industry. There are many booths in the large exhibition hall, and the site is bustling with people coming to the exhibition. Dr. Q can attract a large number of visitors to stop and consult, not only because of the brightness of Dr. Q's exhibition area, but also because of its high quality products and professional service attitude, all aspects, and finally become a remarkable presence in the whole exhibition hall.


2023 HOTELEX Shanghai International Hotel and Catering Industry Expo has come to an end, Dr. Qia is still pioneering forward in the journey! In the future, we will continue to adhere to our original intention and take "creating a good coffee experience for consumers to the greatest extent" as our mission, bringing customers and users a better coffee experience with craftsmanship and innovation, and continuously exploring more perfect and efficient application solutions.