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The Hotel’s Secret Behind Quick Turnaround of 100k Cups of Consistent Coffee


“Why isn’t my coffee ready?”

“Why does my coffee taste different from last time?”

Each time a new hotel intern onboards, he/she has to go through a tough learning journey towards mastering coffee making. Semi-automatic coffee machines require freshly ground coffee input every time. The coarseness and amount of ground, the pressure level… there are various factors leading to inconsistent flavors, especially when they are served by a coffee rookie.


Going to work with a cup of coffee is no longer a fad, but a work day necessity. Like many, my taste for coffee have evolved from instant to fresh ground. Sometimes, I order a takeout via mini program and take it back to office. Other times, I pack up my laptop to go work in a café. It is impossible to go through a week without coffee.

Once you have had enough coffee, you don’t have to be a sommelier to tell the difference. When traveling, you’d even judge your hotel by whether they serve good coffee at breakfast and whether there is decent coffee during conference tea break.


Coffee goes great with breakfast, tea break, leisure moments and work hours. It is the indispensable partner of hotels. But it is apparently impossible for hotel management to send the entire F&B staff to SCA trainings and get barista accreditation, just in order to deliver a cup of 5-star coffee to guests.

Semi-automatic coffee machines take a long learning curve to master, deliver inconsistent quality, and work slowly. In addition, the large space they take and tricky cleaning procedures add8 further invisible costs.

Luckily, user-friendly automatic coffee machines have democratized coffee making. In hotels, offices, clubs, studios, among other business locations, fresh coffee becomes much more available. As a matter of fact, coffee lovers can now self-serve at their own homes.

A rising national power

When it comes to coffee machines, you probably believe that international brands are the best.

That’s not necessarily true.

Like 5G by Huawei and cotton grown in Xinjiang, locally designed and manufactured coffee machines can be premium. As China’s manufacturing continues to upgrade, R&D investment and expertise on core technologies constantly build up, national brands made in China become proudly brilliant.

Founded in 2016, Dr. Coffee is a young expert focused on R&D and manufacturing of fresh coffee machines. Despite a price range slightly higher than its domestic peers, Dr. Coffee still enjoys a 50% price advantage over imported brands, offering extremely good value for money. Now, the coffee counters at Lawson, TOUS les JOURS, Yihetang and Tesla, etc. have all chosen Dr. Coffee as their equipment vendor.


As of now, Dr. Coffee owns 13 products and 100+ patents, distributing their fully-automatic coffee machines to 60+ countries and regions, including mature coffee markets like Europe. Customer feedbacks have been great, particularly in Germany, Thailand and Korea.


As a rising national brand, Dr. Coffee is not just classy, sleek looks. Competitive price positioning and excellent performance make up the true recipe of success.

There are mostly two types of demand for a coffee machine: the professional look-and-feel of making fresh coffee on site; handy operations and consistency in delivery. Dr. Coffee continuously innovates and pushes the limit, so as to adapt traditional coffee machines to the various needs of the market and customers.

The cure to great smell but bland taste

A nice cup of coffee is beyond doubt made with great beans and precise ground.

Both are indispensable.

The quality of beans decide to a certain extent how the coffee tastes, but inconsistent grinding can sabotage the flavors.


An inconsistent grinding system produces an uneven mix of coffee grounds, which leads to the coexisting of over-extraction and under-extraction within the same cup, and hence a bitter and puckery taste. In addition, the burrs can generate massive heat as they grind, which accelerates oxidization and compromises coffee’s unique flavors.

Dr. Coffee upgrades its grinding system by using ceramic flat burrs. Ceramic is harder, more enduring and cools down faster. Ceramic burrs grind faster with better consistency, thus producing grounds with better precision and quality.


Dr. Coffee’s proprietary brewing system features:

High/low pressure compatibility (9bar/2bar)

Greater single cup ground capacity (13g – 16g – 21g)

Up to 300k cups lasting performance

Dr. Coffee for hotels

There is a fix to hotels’ barista dilemma – a total solution enabled by one Dr. Coffee machine. Quick orientation, easy to use. Prepare a latte or cappuccino by a single click – whatever the order is, it takes just one click.


For beverage demands at grand occasions such as dinner parties, Dr. Coffee has a more efficient fully-automatic model: Coffee Center.

Coffee Center’s independent hot water/steam double boilers ramps up performance. The large capacity boilers make sure of continuous productivity with great consistency. The professional double pumps enable milk and coffee outlets to work simultaneously, cutting preparation time by half.

In the meantime, cleaning and maintenance becomes easier than ever. The model comes with an auto milk system cleaning feature, which automatically cleanses the pipelines with hot and cold water, sterilizes with hot steam and removes any water residue. The bean storage, ground storage, waste collector as well as stirrer can all be easily unlocked and removed, making routine cleaning very easy.

Dr. Coffee applies the highest standards to quality, meticulously adopting China’s CQC accreditation standards as well as ISO9001 standards. Their after-sale support system is robust, tested and approved by the market.

Doctor, what’s new?

As society evolves and consumption upgrades, hotels should keep their facilities and menus in pace, so as to keep the guests happy.

Unlike most coffee machines in the market that claim to be “smart”, Dr. Coffee offers way more than a touch screen menu. With IoT access, their machines can be centrally managed at the HQ.


Whenever there is a new item on the menu, there is no need to send an engineer to train the customer. By simply setting up a new function by easy configurations, the updated menu can be distributed and synced across all sites. Unmanned coffee machines can be monitored remotely, with auto-generated data reports.

For grand hotels, Dr. Coffee saves multiple operational cost items such has F&B/catering staff training. For small and medium sized hotels, a smart commercial coffee machine in the lounge and waiting area will be a good addition to their service.


Dr. Coffee cordially invites you to explore coffee secrets at booth 1.1H E40 at HOTELEX Shanghai (March 29 – April 1).