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The Rising Chinese Power in Commercial Auto Coffee Making


Hotelex Shanghai is a grand opportunity to catch up with the latest coffee dynamics in China. During the 4-day exhibition, coffee-making businesses demonstrate their machines, including their classic icons as well as innovative models.

Dr. Coffee’s booth remains the center of attention, with exciting experience appealing to numerous professionals.

For years, international brands have dominated the commercial coffee machine market. A decade ago, the majority of automatic coffee machines were imported, since China did not have any mature auto coffee-making brands at that time. As domestic expertise emerge, rise and evolve, Chinese brands start to come into the spotlight.

Dr. Coffee from Suzhou is an iconic Chinese commercial coffee machine brand. At their March 28 product release event in Suzhou, multiple latest models for 4 use scenarios debuted. What to factor in when selecting a fully automatic coffee machine? What are the highlights in a domestic coffee-making brand? We take the event as a best exploration opportunity – also a research trip to expose ourselves to the China Power in commercial coffee making sector.



Multiple new models for specific scenarios

How to pick out the most suitable coffee machine? The first item on the go-to list is deciding where you want your machine placed – at home, in a commercial location, a restaurant/bakery, or a CVS? The demand can vary hugely across different scenarios.

At home

As lifestyles become more sophisticated, coffee lovers nowadays find huge delight in enjoying their freshly ground coffee at home first thing in the morning, and therefore, demand for home coffee machines is on the rise.

When making your own coffee at home, simplicity and customization become crucial. The H2 model can be connected to your mobile APP, which makes everything so easy and handy. To put icing on the cake, the machine comes with auto frothing and auto cleaning features. Now, your home becomes your specialty café, and you are your very own barista!

If you wish to enjoy your coffee with milk at home with one click of a button, C11 will be your best mate. With 15 bar high pressure, your espresso comes with rich crema, further complimented by dense and smooth froth. The petite, delicate shape and high energy efficiency makes the model perfect for home.


Dr. Coffee’s H2

Business & hospitality

In business and hospitality scenarios, we expect our coffee machines to deliver premium service and in the meantime look classy. Unlike for home models, larger water tanks become a must. The latest model C12 offers the exact total package.


Food & beverage

When it comes to F&B, speed and variety are key. The newly launched Coffee Center is designed for large, open office space as well as spacious buffet locations. The 3L boiler, the single bean hopper with 3 ground options as well as the smart sensors come together as a perfect solution for self-service scenarios. This brand new model can be monitored and managed remotely from a digital platform.


Dr. Coffee’ s Coffee Center

Convenient Stores

During busy hours, a competent coffee machine with great speed and quality like F20 can save the staff a lot of headaches. Designed for CVS and bakeries, it has a double-pump brewing system and a hot/cold milk system, offering more variety and higher precision. Explore the modular design to define your very own high performance configurations.

Highlight of the day is the introduction of F4. Fast, modular and smart, F4 is an impressive solution. At the speed of 600 cups/hour, it delivers super consistent quality, to make sure of customer satisfaction even in busiest hours. The Quality Control Monitoring System (QCMS) and ultra-competent milk/water pumps are your quality guarantee.


Dr. Coffee’s F4


Premium national brand

Innovative & fearless

Deep expertise and solid core competitiveness put Dr. Coffee in a leading position of domestic brands and facilitate its international prestige.

Baby steps towards huge accomplishment

The rise of a national brand owes to every baby step along the way. Dr. Coffee was founded in 2016; by that time, its founder had spent 6 years exploring the segment.

In 2018, after two years of R&D, Dr. Coffee’s first coffee machine, F2 took shape. In 2019, Dr. Coffee products entered the market, with three new models added to its portfolio. By that time, Dr. Coffee had been working with large franchise CVS, and made advances and innovations in their technologies. In 2020, Dr. Coffee launched 8 more models.

Before this Product Release Event, Dr. Coffee already owned 13 products and 100+ patents, being highly recognized by customers from 60+ countries, including Europe where coffee making technology is most mature.



Compared to international brands, Dr. Coffee not only has a price advantage, but also has a stronger momentum in terms of technological innovation. As customer demand evolves, innovation must keep up with relevant designs, personalized experience, reliable components, impeccable techniques as well as user-oriented services. Over the four years, Dr. Coffee has made multiple innovations based on market demands from both home and abroad.



On top of its price advantages versus international brands, Dr. Coffee is truly a national pride considering its innovative competence.

The proprietary brewing system offers high/low extraction pressure options, larger ground capacity and up to 300,000 cups lasting performance.

The upgraded flat burrs in the grinding system make more even ground particles. Made with ceramic, the burrs are harder, faster and delivers better precision and consistency.

Leveraging the group’s technology pool, Dr. Coffee’s machines adopt a commercial pumping system which is more powerful and efficient.



The sky is the limit; the future is ours

We are glad to see a national brand rise to the occasion and make progress towards its aspiration of exploring coffee secrets. With solid expertise and quality that excels, Dr. Coffee will surely enjoy a bright future.

During Hotelex Shanghai, Dr. Coffee awaits partners who are interested in a shared journey towards the future, at booth 1.1H E40.