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Our principles

Our Service

Customer-oriented, considerate and efficient. Dedicated to taking your experience to the next level.

Service Procedure

Call Dr. Coffee service hotline (free): 400-8977-711

Component support Component support

Component support

Dr. Coffee maintains an all-rounded component code tracing system and offers 24/7 hotline support, so that customers can easily consult on any technological details, handle malfunctions and source components.

Our components and spare parts are tested with intense conditions, to make sure your machine operates efficiently and reliably. It is recommended that you choose Dr. Coffee branded components or call our hotline for suggestion and support in case of component changing needs.

Training support Training support

Training support

To offer better service and help customers navigate our products, Dr. Coffee provides regular onsite trainings for global partners. Training agenda includes corporate tour, operation demo, maintenance, trouble-shooting, etc.