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Customer-oriented, technology-driven

Dr. Coffee constantly explores higher quality and better experience in our coffee machines.
By conducting independent R&D and introducing top-notch technologies,
we synergize with international consultants and customers to continuously drive product development capabilities,
in order to satisfy customer demands and push technological innovations.

Innovative brewing Innovative brewing

Innovative brewing

It takes perfect brewing to make a perfect coffee: pressure, grounds, temperature, water and brew time – everything has to be right.

  • High/low pressure extraction
    High/low pressure extraction

    High pressure extraction preserves most aroma from the coffee beans to make authentic espressos. Low pressure extraction gets you the true americano by drip, instead of simply mixing espresso with water.

  • 21g ground capacity
    21g ground capacity

    We renovated our brewer, boosting its capacity from the regular 14~16g to 21g and increased extraction precision in the meantime. The improvement allows us to fully unleash the flavors and aroma of every coffee bean, so as to make large americanos better and also faster.

  • Longer life cycle
    Longer life cycle

    Our full metallic high-performance brewer, together with powerful transmission and pump system, delivers stability and lasting performance despite long, busy hours.

Precise and stable grinding Precise and stable grinding

Precise and stable grinding

The taste of coffee is determined to a certain extent by bean quality, but inappropriate grinding can be destructive to flavors. A precise, consistent grinding system is crucial.

Ceramic flat burrs
Ceramic flat burrs

Grinders at work generate massive heat, but good grindersminimize the impact by producing less heat and storing them properly, so thatthe coffee grounds does not oxidize too fast and lose flavors. Uneven groundscan lead to over-extraction and under-extraction coexisting in a same cup:coarse grounds could be under-extracted and thus sour and puckery, while fine groundscould be over-extracted and thus too bitter.


Dr. Coffee upgrades the grinding system by replacing conicalburrs with ceramic flat burrs, which are harder, faster, and can produce moreeven and precise grounds.

Easy and efficient auto-cleaning

Easy and efficient auto-cleaning

Rich and smooth froth are indispensable to premium milk coffees. But it takes regular cleaning to keep the milk and brewing systems of coffee machines stable and sanitary.

With efficient, easy-to-use auto-cleaning feature, Dr. Coffee makes sure of your machine’s hygienic conditions, so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Set your barista creativity free!

Intelligent IoT system Intelligent IoT system

Intelligent IoT system

Dr. Coffee’s IoT system offers operational solutions based on big data, which makes your day-to-day business management easier than ever. We make your consumers happier, and make your business smarter.

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